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Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham is your hotel of choice in Phoenix, Arizona. We strive to cater to the needs of every guest whether disabled or not. We understand that guests with disabilities need special amenities and the right environment so that they feel at home. We are committed to ensuring that our rooms are easily accessible by guests with disabilities. If you are seeking accommodation in Phoenix Arizona that caters to the needs of guests with disability, then Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham is your best bet.

Accessible Rooms

At Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham, we endeavor to give our guests the best experience. We understand that guest with a disability wants to have a room and space that suit their needs. We have features in our rooms that make them more accessible. We have been remodeling our bathtubs and showers to ensure that we accommodate the needs of people with disabilities. Have 1 Queen bedroom with Sofa & 2 Double Queen Bedroom.

Handicapped Parking

We understand the challenges that people with difficulties in walking face, especially when they stay in hotels that don’t offer handicapped parking facilities. At Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham, we offer parking solutions for the handicapped guests. In addition, our hotel is wheelchair accessible. Guests using wheelchairs can easily get to their rooms or other spaces within our hotel without experiencing difficulties. That’s how we define our experience – accommodation for all!

In addition, our hotel has a flat terrain between the entrance and the parking. This allows you to easily pull your wheelchair or other mobility equipment.

Staircases and Steps

Besides having handicapped parking, we also have staircases with handrails to help those who have mobility problems. If you are our guest and have difficulties in walking, our stairs have handrails to ensure that you walk safely from one place to another. In addition, there are color markings to help guests understand which spaces, areas, or pathways are designed for guests with disabilities.

If you are looking for hotel rooms in Phoenix Arizona and you have special preferences or you’re disabled, Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham welcomes you warmheartedly. We will offer you the comfort and peace of mind when you stay with us. We are always at your reach to serve you better and make you feel at home. Don’t feel shy to book with us. We know that you want to have a great experience at Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham and that’s why we have gone the extra mile to make our hotel accessible by people with disabilities or those with difficulties in walking.   Any more information contact front desk @ (602) 252-1706

You’re disabled and want a hotel in Phoenix Arizona? Book with us today!