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Be a part of THE MOTH: Phoenix StorySLAM and Experience Something New

Be a part of THE MOTH: Phoenix StorySLAM and Experience Something New

September is a beautiful month because neither it’s too cold nor too hot. If you do not have any plans for this month, then feel free to be a part of The Moth at Crescent Ballroom for open-mic storytelling competitions. This event is open to anyone who has a five-minute story to tell on the night’s theme - all you need to do is put your name in the hat at the opening of the night, and storytellers will be selected randomly.

Eliminate stress:

Obtaining a break from your everyday schedule by going on a small vacation can competently help you to eliminate stress. People need to go on vacations because of the merits that can be reaped because of it —improved sleep, no need to worry about professional and personal issues, and simply relishing doing nothing.

If you are looking for a hotel because you will be going to attend aforementioned story telling event, then your search will terminate at Travelodge by Wyndham. The experts of this hotel ensure to disinfect every corner of the hotel efficiently in order to prevent COVID-19.

Better productivity at work:

Are you suffering from burnout because of your corporate life? If yes, then vacations enable people to return to work fully revitalized and refocused. You will think more clearly, thus augmenting an individual’s job performance. You will be happy with yourself and your boss will not be able to resist himself from praising you.