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Travelodge Hotel - History

Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham Hotel was established in 1959. The hotel has a Googie architectural design. The modern architecture has a futurist influence. Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham Hotel is nicely nestled at the heart of Phoenix and is considered your preferred budget hotel. It offers an affordable rate but maintains high standards and quality services. The hotel is today touted as a Mid-Century Modern style hotel has a fusion of state-of-the-art architecture with historical architecture. The architectural elements are not only fun but also attractive often showcasing the unique works of great builders and architects.

The Works of William D. Knight and Ben Paller

Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham Hotel appreciates its existence – thanks to the works of builder Ben Paller and Architect William Knight. These great professionals have made our guests have a place they call a home away from home. The two individuals designed the visually inviting Travelodge which was initially a motel. In their minds, these men visualized that potential guests cruising around the city would want a serene place to stay. The theme of the hotel was originally meant to cater to the needs of the guests who wanted a roadside motel to stay.

If you are looking for hotels near Downtown Phoenix, the Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham is your choice. Come and discover the great works of Paller and Knight as you sample out some of the best attractions in Phoenix.

Vintage Decor

Our hotel boasts antique decor that can be traced back to the 1950s. While it has received considerable remodeling to modernize it including, it still carried along its initial theme of a motel. Today, guests visiting Phoenix can have a beautiful place to stay and at the most affordable rate. The amazing vintage decor offers an alluring experience to our guests. We have many other amenities in addition to modern rooms equipped with TVs and internet connection or Wi-Fi.

Do you want to stay in a Downtown Phoenix Hotel near Convention Center;Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham is your companion when you are seeking a Phoenix authentic hotel. We strive to offer you a unique experience to keep your visit alive and amazing. At Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham, we endeavor to spruce up your Phoenix tour experience or even a business trip or a family tour.

The hotel was awarded the honor of a Mid Century Marvel stewardship by The City of Phoenix as well as the Phoenix Historic Preservation. Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham is truly marvelous.

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