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single bed 1 single bed 2 single bed 3 single bed 4 single bed 5 single bed 6 single bed 7 single bed 8 single bed 9 single bed 10 single bed 11 single bed 12 single bed 13 single bed 14 single bed 15 single bed 16 single bed 17 single bed 18 single bed 19 single bed bathroom 20 single bed bathroom 21 single bed 22 single bed 23 prototype room 24 single bed bathroom 25 single bed bathroom 26 single bed bathroom 27 single bed bathroom 28


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Travelodge Hotel – Photos Gallery


Your visit to The Valley of the Sun offers you a memorable experience. There is so much do here and many attractions to visit. You also have a great chance to explore city life including dining, shopping, and night outs. If you are in Phoenix downtown, you want to find a hotel that meets your budget. At Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham Hotel, we partner with you to see that you have a great experience by offering you hotel rooms at an affordable price. We want you to save money during your stay with us and that’s why you find our room rates are among the cheapest in downtown Phoenix. We understand that visitors have a hard time when they want to choose hotels near Phoenix. That’s why we have provided you with a gallery of photos so that you can see and visualize what we offer.

Office Lobby Photos

In our gallery of photos, you will find the office lobby pictures to see how it feels to be in our hotel. If you are conducting some business or you would want to work out an assignment, you can secure yourself a spot at the office lobby.  The lobby offers you a quiet, serene environment where you can go about your business activities or other things in peace.

Rooms Photos

Our room photos show you the kind of bed you will be sleeping in. It also features the set of amenities you will find in the room. The setting of the room is clearly defined in the photos and it brings in your mind how you will feel when you stay with us. It is a great experience to be at the Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham Hotel. We are a hotel with free High Speed Internet in Downtown Phoenix to help with your business communication or even social media engagement with your friends.

Outdoor View Photos

When staying with us, you can have a great view of the outdoors. The rooms have a balcony where you can unwind as you watch the scenic view of the city. The outdoor photos also show you the parking area, the gardens, and other areas in the hotel. These photos offer you a reflection of what you will experience when you are staying at Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham.

Travelodge Phoenix Downtown by Wyndham Hotel is a budget lodge in Downtown Phoenix that is meant to offer you a great moment while visiting Phoenix, Arizona. Our hotel is located within a convenient location where you can tour most of the top attractions in Downtown Phoenix City. Your stay with us will ensure you have the best experience – you’re in a home away from home!

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